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Algonkian Writers Conference Events and Retreats

Algonkian Events Now Open to Application:

    Before choosing an Algonkian event we recommend an event comparison.

- September 17-20, 2015: New York Pitch Conference, NY, $799 - (Map/Directions)
- October 21-25, 2015: Monterey Writers Retreat, CA, $1095 - (Map/Directions)
- November 12-15, 2015: San Fran Write to Market, CA, $595 - (Map/Directions)
- March 16-20, 2016: Algonkian Novel and Memoir Retreat, $1395 - (Map/Directions)
- Rolling Admissions: Algonkian Novel Writing Courses, $799 - (Online at Algonkian)

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Algonkian's Write to Market Conference in SF Bay Area
  Algonkian Conference Event
At the Write to Market Conference come November you'll get more than pristine SF Bay weather. Algonkian fuses the New York novel-pitch dynamic with the plot-and-narrative methods of its intensive novel workshops. The pre-event work is more challenging and informative than ever with online forum assignments and Author Salon master-level craft written by Algonkian staff ... Read More

The Monterey Writers Retreat on The Peninsula - 2015
  Algonkian Conference Event - Paula Munier, Andrea Hurst, and Michael Neff
In keeping with the spirit of writers gone before, and the spirit of Monterey itself, you can be as goal-focused at this unique retreat, or as hesitant in approach as you wish. You can show us your manuscript, improve your skills, clear your head, have your work read by our author-agent mentors, whatever you wish, whatever helps you grow and find your vision as a writer ... Read More

All Algonkian Conference Events and Workshops

The San Francisco Write to Market Conference

A writers conference designed by Algonkian to provide writers with all the information, materials, and guided training they must have to successfully avoid or break the rejection cycle. Prior to arrival, attendees receive a full array of comprehensive pre-event novel assignments as well as the Algonkian study guide.   Read More...

Algonkian Novel and Memoir Retreat - lodging incl.

Beside the waters of the Potomac, writers go to the fireplace with lots of coffee and hunker down for six days of retreat and novel writing with Michael Neff, Robert Bausch, and Caitlin Alexander. Top syllabus, the most pre-event work of all the events, and a plan for publication at the conclusion. There is no better retreat on the east coast for novel, memoir and fiction writers.   Read More...

The New York Pitch Conference

Writers workshop and reality-check their novel or work-in-progress before networking their pitch with major publishers such as Scribners, Penguin, Random House, Holt, St. Martins, and more. A new array of pre-event assignments give our writers an edge they do not receive at other conferences. See New York Pitch Conference NEWS for latest success stories. First page analysis now included at events.   Read More...

Pacific NW Writer Retreat - Langley, WA
DATES TBA 2015. Tuition $1195

We wish to provide you with the knowledge, feedback, and skills necessary to set you on a realistic path to commercial novel publication. Our focus is on pragmatic writing, effective story creation, and proper market positioning for your novel, and like most Algonkian events, the work begins long before you arrive ...   Read More...

The Monterey Writers Retreat

Writers, poets, authors and aspiring authors have journeyed for over a century to this most scenic and literary location on the California west coast known as the Monterey Peninsula. They come in search of inspiration, individuality, purpose and vision, but more importantly, they all eventually come to share an understanding that art has preceded their arrival in the form of a brutally beautiful sea and windswept white shore ...   Read More...

The Pulitzer-Led Novel Workshop in Santa Barbara
DATES TBA 2016. Tuition $2,850

Algonkian has put together some of the best authors and pros to meet with aspiring authors one-on-one and in project-intensive workshops. The workshop is unlike any other. Meet and work one-on-one with Pulitzer winners, a top literary agent and film producer, as well as nonesuch teacher-writers Cary Tennis and Michael Neff.   Read More...


Algonkian Algonkian Novel and Memoir Retreat - - This event is an evolution of our Algonkian Park Workshop, now enhanced with new pre-event studies as well as greatly extended personal consult time with business professionals. Professionals Caitlin Alexander, Michael Neff, and Robert Bausch consult with writers one-on-one on matters of plot, narrative, market, characters, memoir, and all else.  

Algonkian Writer Conferences
2020 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Suite 443
Washington, D.C. 20006


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