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Algonkian Chief Cook and Bottle Washer - Michael Neff

INTERVIEW WITH MICHAEL NEFF BY ANDREA HURST OF AUTHORNOMICS wherein he discusses recent agent work, films in the making, Algonkian methods, the problems with muddled pitches and adamant narcissists, and much more.

Articles on fiction and novel craft written by Michael including the Six Act Two-Goal Novel, Storyboarding Your Scene, Studies in Third Person POV, and more.

Michael collaborates with Macmillan Entertainment's executive editor, Brendan Deneen, to develop new high-concept projects for both film and print. He is a story creator for the forthcoming novel by Macmillan, MAGICIANS IMPOSSIBLE, as well as a producer for the adaptation of the novel to a television series by Fox.

AEI Films and Books (updated filmography on Wikipedia) produces mainstream, HBO/Cinemax, and independent films, while also developing and agenting best selling novels. Michael Neff is an agent and developmental editor for AEI and currently involved in the development of both book and film projects (see list below).

Michael's greatest satisfaction stems from helping dedicated fiction writers become commercially published. He is an author, teacher, agent, and developmental editor as well. As an agent, he is actively searching for high concept projects that can be transformed into films or books, or both. He is one of two Developmental Executives for AEI Films and Books in Los Angeles. His recent agent deals and commercial novels he has worked on as developmental editor include ON MAGGIE'S WATCH by Ann Garvin, MURDER AT BARCLAY MEADOW by Wendy Eckel, THE EDGE OF NORMAL by Carla Norton, THE BLACK PANTHERS by Gina Niccolo, and RISE OF THE AMERICAN CORPORATE SECURITY STATE by Bea Edwards, among others. Novels ushered to commercial publication via his workshops include THE WISDOM OF HAIR by Kim Boykin, ORPHAN 8 by Kim Van Alkemade, DARK TURNS by Cate Holahan, THE GOAT WOMAN OF LARGO BAY by Gillian Royes, and THE FICTION CLASS by Susan Breen, among others.

Michael is the founder and director of Algonkian Writer Conferences and its associated events. As a result of his "Algonkian method" workshops and his own editorial expertise, Michael and his programs have ushered dozens of authors over the past several years into agent and publication contracts with major houses. In his capacity as the director of the New York Pitch Conference he works with senior publishing house editors to locate and tap potential in budding new authors working in a variety of genres including upmarket literary and general fiction, serious and light women's fiction, narrative non-fiction, historical fiction, mystery, SF and fantasy.

Michael contributes as editor and publisher to several journals and literary projects, including but not limited to Del Sol Review, Del Sol Press, The Potomac Journal of Poetry and Politics, and Double Room. His own work has appeared in such literary journals as the North American Review, Quarterly West, Pittsburgh Quarterly, The Literary Review, American Way Magazine, and Conjunctions. His novel, YEAR OF THE RHINOCEROS, was published by Red Hen Press in 2009. He was one of the winners of the first Imitation William Faulkner Contest sponsored by the University of Mississippi, and has served as judge for various writing contests, including the Writer's Digest Finalist Prize for best short fiction.

He is a founder, contributing editor and content provider for Algonkian Author Salon and chief editor and founder of the online Algonkian Novel Writing Program, and a founder and contributor to a popular writer blog known as The Writer's Edge that provides assistance to nascent authors.

Michael began Algonkian Writer Conferences after discovering a perfect venue for workshops on the Potomac River. Up until that time he'd been working with writers in small fiction workshops in the D.C. area and serving as fiction editor for a number of literary journals (see above). He has been writing his entire life and graduated from FSU with degrees in English and Political Science with a History minor.

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