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    Haste born of impatience is a writer's second worst enemy. Hubris is the worst.

              - Michael Neff
Michael's latest novel (pseudonym Warwick Gleeson), PIPER ROBBIN AND THE AMERICAN OZ MAKER, was chosen by an editorial panel at Kirkus Reviews to be a Top 150 Best Book in their Fall Preview issue, 2019--both digital and print format--mailed out to libraries and booksellers across the U.S. It was one of twelve SFF books chosen for the Top 150. Michael's previous novel, WORLD MAKER, won four SFF awards for best novel. His first novel, ALL THE DARK WE WILL NOT SEE, was a groundbreaking literary political novel about the Reagan years. Novels currently in production include BEST SERVED DEADLY (a women's commercial thriller collaboration with award winning author Lee Ann Ward), and THE SHADOW BROKERS OF OZ (a second Piper Robbin adult fantasy).

Michael has contributed to the writing, development, and commercial publication of dozens of novels including those shown above, and many more that can be found here.

He is the founder and chief architect of Algonkian Writer Conferences including the famous and highly successful New York Pitch Conference, and the more sedate Algonkian Writer Retreat and Workshop.

Development Executive for AEI Films and Books (updated filmography at Wikipedia) which produces mainstream, HBO/Cinemax, and independent films, while also agenting best sellers. One of his AEI co-development projects, SISTER ISLANDS, is currently in production for a potential TV series.

His novel editorial service, Manuscripts to Market, features a four-phase, two-editor process devoted to helping manuscripts find a home.

Articles on fiction and novel craft including the Six Act Two-Goal Novel, Storyboarding Your Scene, Studies in Third Person POV, and more.

Interview with agent Andrea Hurst on the topics of agent work, films in the making, Algonkian methods, the problems with muddled pitches, adamant narcissists, and much more.

Michael Neff's greatest satisfaction stems from helping dedicated fiction writers become commercially published. He is an author, teacher, agent, literary entrepreneur, and development editor as well. As a developmental editor for AEI, he is actively seeking high concept projects that can be transformed into films, television, or books. Agent deals and commercial novels involving him as a development editor over the past several years include ON MAGGIE'S WATCH by Ann Garvin, MURDER AT BARCLAY MEADOW by Wendy Eckel, THE EDGE OF NORMAL by Carla Norton, THE BLACK PANTHERS by Gina Niccolo, DIE BACK by Richard Hacker, KARMA CITY by Gardner Browning, and WAR OF THE WORLD MAKERS by Reilly Michaels, among others.

Novels ushered to commercial publication via his Algonkian-method workshops include GRAVEMAIDENS by Kelly Coon, THE MANHATTAN PUZZLE by Laurence O'Bryan, THE WISDOM OF HAIR by Kim Boykin, ORPHAN 8 by Kim Van Alkemade, DARK TURNS by Cate Holahan, THE GOAT WOMAN OF LARGO BAY by Gillian Royes, and THE FICTION CLASS by Susan Breen, among dozens of others.

Michael publishes and edits the literary journal Del Sol Review, and his own work has appeared in such literary journals as the North American Review, Quarterly West, Pittsburgh Quarterly, The Literary Review, American Way Magazine, and Conjunctions. He was one of the winners of the first Imitation William Faulkner Contest sponsored by the University of Mississippi, and has served as judge for various writing contests, including the Writer's Digest Finalist Prize for best short fiction.

He is a founder, contributing editor and content provider for Algonkian Author Salon and chief editor and founder of the online Algonkian Novel Writing Program, as well as founder and contributor to a popular writer blog known as The Writer's Edge that provides assistance to nascent authors.