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      by Michael Neff

Will Writer Cat Overcome?

If not, he's in for a rough road because he'll never become published unless and until he revises his opinion. At a conservative estimate, upwards of 250,000 writer cats in the U.S. are currently struggling to write or find an agent for their first commercial novel or memoir. If you understand this business, you also know why an enormous percentage are unable to make it happen. Below are the top seven reasons why otherwise passionate writers will join the 99.9% never to become commercially published. BTW, these conclusions are based on Algonkian experience with writers of every stripe imaginable... [continued]

      by Michael Neff

Without Proper Advice Though, No Publication

If you ever run or attend writer conferences, you will never cease to hear utterances of bad writing advice, the popular kind that circulates like a ruinous viral meme through the nervous systems of America's aborning fiction and novel writers. And each time you are exposed, you either chuckle or swear, depending on your mood and the circumstance. You might make a daring attempt to kill the meme in its tracks before it can infect someone else, or you might just stare at the writer with a dumbfounded look on your face and ask him, or her... [continued]

We Do Not Believe Good Writers Are Born

Will Algonkian Philosophy and Method Triumph?

According to our biased and successful alums, Algonkian is the most beneficial writer workshop, online novel incubator, and writer conference provider for the creation and publication of commercial genre and upmarket novels. But you will have to decide for yourself. We are not a fit for everyone. Keep in mind that our ultimate goal is to realistically increase your odds of becoming a published author by showing you how to inhabit that upper percentile of writers who will have their work taken seriously by professionals in the business. We don't believe good writers are born. We believe they are made by virtue of their own tenacity and ability to acquire the knowledge necessary to achieve commercial success.

At Algonkian events, only top literary agents, authors, and publishing house editors are selected as faculty. The critical advice you receive regarding market positioning, story premise and plot, character arc and evolution, competitive narrative voice, and all else, is provided only by these professionals. You receive comprehensive pre-event assignments and readings ( e.g., Write to Market ) as well as access to a story-building online assignment forum; and at the conclusion of events, we brainstorm individual publication plans for our writers going forward. As an Algonkian alum you are invited, at no cost, to join our online community, the Algonkian Author Salon, in order to further perfect your work as needed while having it followed by agents who frequent the website searching for projects to represent.

Below are introductions to both our online and offline events, writer conferences and workshops. Links to more info regarding the books displayed below and their relationship to Algonkian can be found at Algonkian Commentary and on Algonkian AS News.

  Algonkian Workshops, Conferences, and Retreats
Information and connections to Algonkian events throughout the year including the New York Pitch, Algonkian and Monterey Novel Retreats, the Write to Market Conference and The Santa Barbara A-M, plus writer commentary, syllabus, articles, the new agent blog, and more. Notable links include the Algonkian FAQ and the Event Comparison page ... Read More

  Online Community For Writer Groups and Showcasing Work to Agents
The Algonkian Author Salon serves as an effective bridge between aspiring authors and business professionals in commercial publishing. AAS editors actively network with major New York publishers, as well as top literary agents. Writers at the Algonkian Author Salon may join or form effective writer critique groups ... Read More

  Algonkian Workshops, Writer Conferences, Retreats
The flag ship of the Algonkian writer events. If you can make it here you'll make it national, and perhaps even land a few foreign rights sales. Best acquistion editors and workshop leaders in NYC take you through the paces of writing and pitching successful a commercial novel. Success rate speaks for itself. Notables include New York Pitch News Page and Faculty page ... Read More

  16 Course-Module Novel Incubator
Write or rewrite your novel as you progress through the online Algonkian program a step at a time, the aim to make it as commercially competitive as possible on all levels. Your work is reviewed by a faculty professional who acts as your mentor, and together you set publication goals and discuss representation options while engaging in edits as needed ... Read More

  Algonkian Online Forums and RSS Feed Board
Home of the Algonkian Novel Writing Program forums and 16 assignment modules covering all aspects of market, structure, and craft; banners to Eudora and Ray, All The Epiphany You Can Swallow, and more; AAS Commons and as well as writer news feeds by Salon.Com, Women on Writing, Chuck Sambuchino, Writer Unboxed, and Evil Editor ... Read More

A Gallery of Memories to Celebrate Our 13 Year Anniversary
  Algonkian Conference Event Photos and Captions
We can't believe it either. After starting on the banks of the Potomac in 2002, Algonkian has grown from a single novel workshop to an ongoing series of successful events from Santa Barbara to New York city. In honor of the anniversary, we've included a few pics from past events, even Harper's Ferry. Highlights include, "Bring Me Coffee or I'll Make a Napkin Puppet!" ... Read More

- Algonkian Writer Events in The U.S. -

Upcoming Algonkian events with only the best faculty, story analysis, pitch training, cross-market craft and market-positioning methodology. New writer retreats enable you to work on your novel or nonfiction in a pragmatic, mentored environment while also locating you in a genuinely scenic and relaxing place. All events are enhanced with new pre-event studies, extended consult time with professionals, and an emphasis on making novel as competitive as possible... [more]

Algonkian Writer Retreats and Workshops: like other Algonkian events, these retreats enable you to work on your novel or nonfiction in a pragmatic, mentored environment while also locating you in a genuinely scenic and relaxing place. Retreats are enhanced with new pre-event studies, extended personal consult time with business professionals, and an emphasis on making each writer's work as competitive as possible in the current marketplace...

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