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"Any first time author can be made to look "fabulous" -- it's all about how an agent, author and publisher present the author. Every author has a background and a story, which can be told to the book- sellers and public in a boring way or a way that is spectacular."

  Barbara   Zitwer

"If an author is a terrific writer and has a voice or perspective or style that's not been seen before, there is a far greater chance it will have a place in the literary market. Though it's true that it can be tough to get a first book published, agents and editors are always looking for the next voice or story."

  Elise Capron

"Whatever you're doing in this business, whether you're an agent, editor, or writer, it's crucially important to keep on top of what's happening in the industry. Agents and editors are much more likely to take writers seriously if they can name other writers in their genre whose work they admire ..."

  W. Gottlieb

"The truth is that most publishing professionals needn't read further than that ... Judging a book in five sentences might sound like an outrageous idea. But it's really not."

  Noah Lukeman


Algonkian Writers Conference Events and Shops

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If you are intent on becoming a career commercial author and searching for the best writer conference or novel workshop, you've come to the right place. Our overall goal at Algonkian Writer Conferences is to be nothing less than the most beneficial novel workshop and conference provider in the U.S. for all commercial genres and upmarket fiction as well. At all our events, the advice you receive regarding the various nuances of novel writing including manuscript critique, development of the story premise and characters, the resolution of plot issues, honing of a competitive narrative voice, and so forth, are provided by business professionals only. You also receive comprehensive, pre-event assignments, as well as a challenging reading list and syllabus, the Algonkian Study Guide and Reference Manual, and access to an online assignment forum before every event. Only top literary agents and publishing house editors are selected as faculty, our registration fees are among the most reasonable in the business, and we brainstorm individual publication plans for our writers at the conclusion of all conferences and workshops.

If you're not sure which event makes sense for you, review our event comparisons page and see what separates us from the competition (bullet by bullet). And if you're not sure whether Algonkian stands up to other writer conference events or workshops in terms of pragmatic quality and network opportunity, examination of our success stories should be the tie breaker.

Algonkian's Write to Market Conference in SF Bay Area, Nov. '14
  Algonkian Conference Event
At the Write to Market Conference come November you'll get more than pristine SF Bay weather. Algonkian fuses the New York novel-pitch dynamic with the plot-and-narrative methods of its intensive novel workshops. The pre-event work is more challenging and informative than ever with online forum assignments and Author Salon master-level craft written by Algonkian staff ... Read More

Upcoming Algonkian Writers Conference Events

    Before choosing an Algonkian event we strongly recommend doing
an event comparison first. Thank you.

- September 17-21, 2014: Algonkian Novel Workshop, $1095 - (Map/Directions)
- September 25-28, 2014: New York Pitch Conference, NY, $595 - (Map/Directions)
- October 8-12, 2014: Port Townsend Novel Workshop, $799 - (Map/Directions)
- Octber 15-19, 2014: Monterey Writers Retreat, CA, $799 - (Map/Directions)
- November 6-9, 2014: San Fran Write to Market, CA, $395 - (Map/Directions)
- DATES TBA 2015: Santa Barbara Author-Mentor, CA, $2850 - (Map/Directions)

Compare Algonkian events click here.    Author Contracts and Writer Comments here.

Announcing New Contracts - Algonkian Partners With Author Salon
  Algonkian Writer Conference News - Contracts and Programs
Algonkian is partnering with Author Salon to discover the best new projects and usher them into publication. Current projects underway can be found on the Author Salon blog feed page. Algonkian director, and AEI agent, Michael Neff, has worked with Author Salon editors to evolve their new online presence. If you can't make it to an Algonkian event, we highly recommend this program ... Read More

The Monterey Writers Retreat on The Peninsula in 2014
  Algonkian Event - Paula Munier, Michael Neff, Andrea Hurst
In keeping with the spirit of writers gone before, and the spirit of Monterey itself, you can be as goal-focused at this unique retreat, or as hesitant in approach as you wish. You can show us your manuscript, improve your skills, clear your head, have your work read by our onsite author-agent mentors, whatever you wish, whatever helps you grow and find your vision as a writer ... Read More

A Gallery of Memories to Celebrate Our 12 Year Anniversary
  Algonkian Conference Event Photos and Captions
We can't believe it either. After starting on the banks of the Potomac in 2002, Algonkian has grown from a single novel workshop to an ongoing series of successful events from Santa Barbara to New York city. In honor of the anniversary, we've included a few pics from past Algonkian events, even Harper's Ferry and Arizona. Highlights include, "Bring Me Coffee or I'll Make a Napkin Puppet!" ... Read More

Algonkian Writers Conference News and Notes

  The Write to Market Conference: "Some will be better than you, some will be not as good. Some will have sold lots of books, some will be just starting out. Whatever the case, you're all in this conference together, and the playing field has just been bombed flat by the dynamic personality of the conference director ..." [more]

Algonkian's Michael Neff Interviewed by Authornomics
  Algonkian Writers Conference News
Algonkian director, Michael Neff, talks to Andrea Hurst of Authornomics about all kinds of provocative things, e.g., agenting and films, muddled pitches and indefatigable narcissists, Algonkian methods and future, the climax of the Higgs Boson, and much more ... Read More

The Writer's Block Features Pre-Event Assignments for Algonkian
  Algonkian Writers Conference News
Algonkian has established online forums at the Writer's Block as a means of delivering pre-event assignments to writers preparing to attend Algonkian events. Assignments focus on foundational aspects of writing and planning a competitive commercial novel ... Read More

Algonkian Conferences Provides Reviews by Writers and Agents
  Algonkian Writers Conference - News of Reviews
Are we humble? Of course, but we have to include a link now and then to a sampling of the great reviews and commentary we receive regularly from agents, writers, authors and editors. All comments are unsolicited and arrive in our mailboxes, or are featured online. More reviews from the New York Pitch also ..." Read More

The Algonkian Blog here.

Introducing the Santa Barbara Author-Mentor Novel Workshop
  Algonkian Writers Conference News
A faculty that includes Pulitzer winners Jane Smiley and Robert Olen Butler and Hollywood film/book producer Ken Atchity, will work one-on-one with aspiring authors at the Santa Barbara Author-Mentor Novel Workshop come 2014. The workshop is unlike any other ... Read More

Conference Stars for Algonkian Writers : Writers Sign With Talcott Notch
  Agent News re Algonkian Writer Conferences
A couple of accomplished Algonkian writers, Barbara Conrey and Dave McMenamin, met their future agent, Paula Munier, at an Algonkian event, and after some jostling and pitching, signed with her agency Talcott Notch Literary. Commentary by Barb and Dave : Read More

Erika Robuck, Author of Hemingway's Girl, Thanks Algonkian Novel Workshops
  Algonkian Writers Conference Alum News
: Erika Robuck's novel, Hemingway's Girl, is hitting the charts big time and she gave Algonkian a heck-of-a-good mention on her Facebook page. We knew she had what it took, and with the Hemingway premise, she enticed plenty of agents and publishers. Bravo Erika! Read More

Roberta Gately's New Novel "The Bracelet" Selling and Selling!
  Algonkian Writers Conference Alum News
After Algonkian broke out Roberta's first novel, she's at it again! Boston nurse Abby Monroe and New York Times reporter Nick Sinclair find themselves entrenched in the middle of a human trafficking ring overseas. When Abby realizes she may have witnessed the murder of a Pakistani woman by a high-ranking official, she and Nick must break the story ... Read More

A Conference Star for Rosemary DiBattista's "Murder Marinara"
  New York Pitch Conference News
Just when we're kicking back to toast our successes, the good news never stops! One of our fav Pitch alums, Rosemary DiBattista, just sent us the news that she signed with NAL and veteran NYC pitch editor Sandy Harding, thanks to BookEnds agency. According to Rosemary ... Read More

A Conference Star for Luke McCallin's "The Scar Life Leaves"
  Algonkian Writers Conference News
What does it take to get a mystery novel by an unknown author published? Mystery writer Luke McCallin met editor Tom Colgan at the NY Pitch and NYC staff set him up with his current agent, Peter Rubie from Fine Print Agency. It all worked like a dream. According to Luke ... Read More

A Conference Star for Susan Moger's "Grace at War"
  Algonkian Writers Conference News
Susan Moger wrote to tell us her novel GRACE AT WAR has been signed by Kate McKean of the Howard Morhaim Agency. "I attended Pitch and Shop in NYC in Dec. 2006, and I now have an agent for the book I pitched, Grace at War ... Read More

New York Pitch Conference Graph Climbing
  Algonkian Writers Conference News
More than 45% of total ms presented at the NYC Pitch are requested, and 50% of these by more than one editor--made possible via intelligent project screening, strong workshops, attentive editors and applications of superb pitch craft ... Read More

Michael Hagan's Pitch Wagged The Novel and Finally Paid Off
  Algonkian Writer Makes Good and Lands Contract
Former Algonkian student, Michael Hagan, a writer of YA novels, wrote and told us he has recently signed with Sam Stoloff of the Frances Goldin Literary Agency in New York. As Michael said to us regarding Algonkian: "This is the conference that separates the determined ..." Read More

Signed by Marsal Lyon - A Conference Star for "The Wisdom of Hair"
  Algonkian Writers Conference Blog
Kim Boykin enticed three publishers, and inevitably, a strong agent (Marsal Lyon Literary) as a result of the Algonkian conference, who then sold her ms to an editor from Berkley who heard Kim's pitch at the New York Algonkian. "Sixteen agents asked to read; ten asked for the whole manuscript, and five asked for exclusives, which of course I couldn't give them ..." Read More

ICM Literary Agent Tina Wexler Talks About Algonkian
  Algonkian Writers Conference Commentary
"I've yet to leave without requesting manuscript pages from participants. What's more, the manuscripts deliver ... Serving on the Algonkian faculty has also been tremendously gratifying. Not only does the conference attract a wide variety of writers working in many different ..." Read More

Reasons Why Passionate Writers Fail to Publish
  Algonkian Writers Conference Blog
Far too many writers make the Dan Brown mistake, i.e., they attempt to emulate a well published writer, falsely believing it will get them published. They don't understand that a privileged few can get away with horrible crimes and still be published ... Read More

When and How Does the Pitch Tail Wag The Novel Dog?
  Algonkian Writers Conference on The Writer's Edge
Algonkian's notorious and flamboyant chief posts on The Writer's Edge re the topic of using the first-plot-point-with-cliff-hanger pitch model to diagnose problems in the novel itself. Also a note to you about Algonkian origins and methods ... Read More

Author Roberta Gately Talks Life and Publication
  Algonkian Writer Conferences in The Press
Given Roberta's gifts and tenacity, it was only a matter of time before she sought a new form of happiness, that of becoming a published author in order to tell the world of the struggles she has witnessed. As all hopeful authors discover ... Read More

New and Different Home Page For Algonkian
  Algonkian Writers Conference Mirror Site
A new site from Algonkian that displays much of the same information as this site, but delivered in a manner some prefer. Includes special intro pages to the Write to Market Conference, Algonkian Novel Workshops, the New York Pitch Conference, and Fisherman's Wharf ... Read More

PRNewswire, 2011: Alum Ann Garvin Talks New York Pitch Conference
  Algonkian Writers Conference and Writers at The New York Pitch
The two female characters, Maggie and Julia, have fun and are suburban, Midwestern soccer moms, but they also have a flair for the dramatic. And they have deep souls. Garvin takes the reader through the women's deepest fears: losing a child, whether in the womb or ... Read More

New Algonkian Novel Writing Events Featured on Shawguides
  Shawguides Writer Conference Guide
Unlike most other writer conferences, manuscript and writing critique comes only from professional editors and agents. Also unlike others, we have extensive pre-event readings and assignments, as well as a challenging ten-part syllabus ... Read More

Beware and Background Check - Agenda? Defamation? To Trust or No?
  Algonkian Writer Conferences Examines the World of Cheap Shotting Online
So how do you cull the truth from falsehood and misleading commentary, or simply from irresponsible conjecture? Below are some sensible questions to ask yourself when it comes to discerning the degree of reality on forums and blogs ... Read More

Algonkian Director Michael Neff Interviews Gatekeepers
  Algonkian Writer Conferences Dialogues
A flashback to some hard truths and pragmatics about the draft-to-shelf process for all writers of novel-length fiction. Michael Neff of Algonkian interviews Peter Rubie of Fine Print Literary and agent film-producer Ken Atchity of AEI ... Read More

Algonkian Expands Presence on Facebook, Serving Up Brilliance ... or Not?
  Algonkian Writer Conferences on Facebook
Lots of comments, helpful links, notes on a writers conference, articles, and "This article points out that getting face-to-face feedback with an acquisition editor has advantages over e-forms of communication. This might go without saying, but actually, it doesn't ..." Read More

Talks of Passion, Craft, and Platform With Dana Isaacson of Random
  Algonkian Writer Conferences Blog - Comments Welcome
These days it appears more and more true that for various genres of fiction aspiring authors often have an edge in getting a first novel published if they possess an authentic platform for telling the story ... Read More

Writer's Edge Blurb on the New York Pitch Conference Conference Video
  The Writer's Edge
Seriously though, this one is what we call the American Idol of our events. We have no Simon as such, and we don't tolerate that type of person, but we're firm and no gratuitous unproductive back-slapping is allowed. Following days of tension ... Read More

AlgonkianAlgonkian Novel Workshop in VA - - A method workshop for writers serious about commercial publication. Plot, voice, pitch and market workshops led by M. Neff, Shannon O'Neill, Mr. Yoon, and R. Bausch.  

AlgonkianAlgonkian Port Townsend in WA - - A method workshop for writers serious about commercial publication. Plot, voice, pitch and market workshops led by M. Neff, Andrea Hurst, A. Banerjee, and Melanie B.  

It started at Algonkian Park and evolved to "The Fiction Class" by Susan Breen. Going into 2014, Algonkian events have assisted and networked writers into dozens of agent and publishing contracts. More information can be found on our commentary page



Michael NeffLiterary bad boy and writer conference entrepreneur Michael Neff, the creator of Algonkian and New York Pitch, talks to Authornomics about books, pitches, trends, workshop narcissists, and the elusive Higgs Boson.  


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